Virtual Design andConstruction with Revit BIM

Virtual design and construction (VDC) technique deals with the management of integrated multi-disciplinary models of virtual construction design projects.  The method encompasses the building product, work process and organization of design, construction and operation for supporting explicit business goals. Today, VDC gets combined with BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, with an adequate work and management  scheme.

What is VDC service?

Virtual design and construction (VDC) uses digital tools like BIM for creating virtual building models. The digital models are then assessed before the construction breaks down, enabling Architectural, Engineering and Construction professionals to optimize the process of building construction.

How is VDC different from BIM?

VDC implementation deals with the management of the building models, action and the building process. However, BIM (Building Information Modeling) refers to the digital representation of the physical and functional attributes of a building facility. BIM modeling constitutes to be the shared resource of the facility.

Why seek Revit BIM for Virtual Design & Construction?

BIM supports architectural, engineering and construction professionals to plan and execute building construction. Using intelligent Revit BIM models, the construction teams anticipate, plan and coordinate building design, detailing, construction as well as maintenance process. The technique of virtual design and construction helps to detect constructability issues, by identifying clashes, avoiding work stoppage, rework and wastage of time, manpower and materials. Revit BIM services facilitate in providing sustainable design optimization, clash coordination and construction management. Virtual design and construction companies work with BIM in a coordinated manner, accomplishing the project on time.  BIM integrated virtual construction helps to make root cause analysis for errors in plans as well as section drawings. Issues detected by BIM virtual design and construction include:

  • Constructability Issues
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Space Constraint
  • Cutout location correction
  • Design mismatch
  • Architectural Issues

How are challenges mitigated by Revit BIM Virtual Design and Construction?

  1. Schedule Constraint:  Sometimes,the volume of construction project becomes very large with the involvement of various architectural, structural, site utility and MEPFP services. At times, the project schedule becomes aggressive with the deadline for completion  within a few months.

The challenge of schedule constraint gets easily resolved through BIM virtual design and construction software applications like Revit, Navisworks, BIM 360 collaboration, etc.Clash-free 3D models are created instantly from Revit with accurate 5D quantity takeoff, shop drawing & virtual 4D scheduling of construction plan.The deliverables facilitate in making the right schedule for labors to work simultaneously on-site, aiding a smooth construction, saving time.

  1. Resource Management: AEC professionals also face problems pertaining to resource management in respect of time constraint. So, it often becomes challenging for about 1000 people to work simultaneously on the same site.

BIM VDC implementation enables several engineers engaged by BIM service providers in USA to clearly outline target and keep pace with casting schedule, sorting out program and accommodating that in delivery schedule.

  1. Environmental Factors: Architects and structural engineers also face problemsin bringing sustainable design to construction. If a building is made environmentally sustainable, the workforce gets a healthy work environment and don’t have to cope with extreme temperature.

BIM VDC implementationhelps to bringsustainable design to construction by planning through façade during the pre-construction stage. Constructionshop drawings created from Revit BIM Model get shared with multiple stakeholders, resulting in smooth and accurate construction.

  1. Collaboration with Project Stakeholder: It is often seen that coordinating with multiple stakeholders including engineers, architects, BIM consultants, building owners, as well as amongst the various services of architectural, structural and MEP were difficult.

BIM virtual design and construction enables the construction management team and other on-site team members to collaborate with consultants, building contractors & other project stakeholders to ensure better coordination,  resolving clashes instantly in the 3D Model.  This facilitates in providing on-the-spot solution, saving construction time. Revit BIM virtual design and construction ensure proper coordination amongst all services for clash free modeling & shop drawing production, leading to perfect installation.

  • Risk of Delay, involving Material & Resources – Construction industry professionals often face the risk of delay from complex and unique projects with numerous services getting involved.

In this regard, virtual design and construction companies using Autodesk Revit 4D BIM scheduling and 5D BIM cost estimation or quantity takeoff are providing support to the construction companies. The BIM service providers in USA are able to track project timeline, assign resources, save cost & rework. Further, Revit BIM cloud collaboration helps to view in canvas the ownership status of outmoded elements, assigned to specific work set. Revit BIM VDC implementation aids DWG exports, where construction team members update export user interface and save presets, arranging output requirement.

In order to meet the demanding goal set for the construction industry, Virtual Design and Construction Companies should be working with Revit BIM. VDC implementation integrated with Revit BIM helps owners to get the best quality, fast project execution and reduced operational cost. Further, it becomes easy to collaborate with multiple stakeholders with Revit BIM 360. If you want to streamline your project operations and get the best solution for virtual construction, talk to the BIM consultants of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or The BIM engineers rightly craft the Revit BIM execution plan and optimize your construction management process in the right manner.

revit family creation in USA

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