Benefits of AI in Construction Industry


When IT giants talk about Artificial Intelligence people start imagining a futuristic scene from any science fiction story. But this is not the key. However, Artificial Intelligence is much more than our imagination or any movie scenes. Today AI innovated applications and software are being used by professionals despite the industry they belong to. One of the industries in which AI is gaining importance these days is Construction and Engineering Industry.

Despite the rise of digitalized methods in the construction industry still, it is being considered as under digitized as it is not able to fully utilize the potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Construction firms believe that there is no place for AI in Construction and feel hesitant to use it due to its high cost.

Adopting the latest technology seems to be tough for people who are not tech-savvy. They forget to understand that AI in construction industry is not as complex what people think it would be, In fact, many Smart construction software are available in the market  like Revit Documentation Management software, BIM 360, etc which make use of the simple features of AI innovation tactics.

What is Artificial Intelligence

In a layman’s language, Artificial Intelligence refers to building smart machines that require human intelligence. It enables the machines to think, act, and imitate in the same way humans behave.

With the help of Artificial intelligence, the machine can not only gather huge information but can also do human cognitive functions like problem-solving techniques, pattern recognition, and many more so as to understand the situation and provide useful conclusions. 

How it is used in the Construction Industry

Gladly, after years of stagnating productivity and antiquated processes and procedures, construction is slowly awakening. From planning to execution, from design to build, from onsite inspection to remote control, there has been a move away from physical to digital over the past few years. More and more companies are becoming data-centric. Leading Architectural and construction companies started to invest in technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud-based data analytics, and mobile computing to drive efficiency and boost margins. As a result of digital maturity, the construction industry is ready for the next revolution, which is likely to drive by AI innovations.

So following are the points that showcase how AI in Construction industry can be a fruitful process.

  1. Data Accuracy 

AI can store an unlimited amount of data and work from it too. This is possible as AI is based on Machine learning tactics that use the data it gathers, test them, and generate solutions for the problems arriving at your construction project sites accordingly. 

AI in Building and construction industry creates a comprehensive database based on stock levels, schedules, and projects which helps to waive out any mistakes encountered in the previous projects. Data gathered are massive and accurate as it measures and takes decisions according to human instructions. Hence are more reliable 

Building AI can be used in the planning stage of construction by assessing various timeframes and creating the virtual environment which would help in cutting the cost and minimizing the waste, thus making the project more efficient and effective 

  1. AI with BIM (Building Information Modelling) 360

Gone the days when construction designs and drawings were being made via pen and paper. The emergence of  3d modeling or Building information modeling has transformed the whole process making it more efficient. As with the help of these BIM drawings, one can easily check out all details like plumbing, electrical, mechanical easily. Using the As built drawings technique one can easily check out the changes being done at the construction site. The more advanced form added in BIM by Autodesk is BIM 360 which has provided a cloud space for its users to work from any place at any time. Autodesk is now combining up AI with BIM 360 by bringing all the BIM consultant firms’ data in one place thus making a common analytics layer.

  1. Smart Construction 

As we all know with the help of AI and machine learning techniques more accurate amount of data is being gathered. AI with BIM 360 is helping the contractors to come up with smarter decisions at the time of planning of the project building. When AI would be connected with any construction document management software it would come up with more advanced monitoring procedures leading to Virtual design and construction.

For example, Project IQ is one of the projects which uses the potential of AI by creating a scenario of a Virtual environment to control the quality, safety, and risk management at the Smart construction site.

  1. Reduce Cost 

With the help of AI, the Virtual Design and Construction Consultant firms can come up with better plans and budget so as to avoid the extra expenses. The emerging Smart Construction Companies need to come up with AI innovative solutions so as to use the resources at the Project site efficiently and effectively which would boost up the Business in the Long run.

  1. Labour Shortage

There is a scarcity of manual laborers in the construction industry. Thus AI can easily solve this problem in the coming years. Many of the Smart Construction Companies have started using Robotics as their supervisors at the project site so as to monitor the risk involved at the site thus increasing the productivity at the Construction site.


Whether it is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or the Internet of Things (IoT) in the Construction industry all of them turn out to be a costly investment for Building Companies. But the positive impact is that the overall implications of all these innovative technologies would reduce the cost of the project. It is a lifetime investment that would save your million dollars in the long run. AI when integrated with construction software like BIM 360, Pro crew Schedule would transform the construction site into a fully digitized environment that would generate a higher profit in long run. Hence In a nutshell it can be said that AI innovation in the coming years would alter the current business models of the construction industry by reducing the human errors and injuries at the site thus making the constructed building more efficient in terms of quality.  

Published by Sukh Singh

COO - Tejjy: A BIM and Construction Consulting group in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area! A certified woman Minority. Operational Leadership + Business Innovation = Enterprise Growth Optimization. I have built a reputation as a Subject Matter Expert on the topics of water and wastewater infrastructure. I am an operations Executive with deep business development expertise, evidenced by identifying gaps in operational processes and spearheading and growing projects to $1.2B in scope. I drive mission-critical operations for government and Fortune 500 companies with budgets between $2M and $300M. With an entrepreneurial mindset, I bring experience driving transformative business strategies to accelerate bottom-line results. Both customers and stakeholders trust my relationships with them and know that without question, I ensure the attainment of performance objectives relating to project cost, quality, and timelines. Diversified culture, innovative trends in waste reuse technology, plus a new state of the art building is coming soon to house our success! We can’t do this alone-- Looking for professional satisfaction and technical challenge in your career? Come grow with us! Specialties: Sales & Business Development | Strategic Planning & Execution | Revenue & Profit Growth Strategic Alliances & Partnerships | P&L Management | Change Leadership Cultural Transformation | Executive Leadership | Operational Efficiency | Innovation, & Technology Expert

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