How 4D BIM with AI Supports Commercial Construction Projects?

4D BIM Scheduling

Handling a construction project successfully from initiation to completion is not an easy job. Too many variables and parameters are involved. A continuous balance is required throughout construction life cycle. Building Information Modeling has brought the construction world to a digitized platform with a great boost for AEC professional. The true construction happens with right balance and collaboration amongst architect, engineers and contractors.

The top BIM modeling companies ensures the right balance by picking the apt BIM techniques and LOD dimensions. 4D BIM is a step up of 3D BIM modeling with an added time factor. 4D Building Information Modeling is widely popular in CAD (computer Aided Designing). As the time addition manages scheduling, real time data handling.

How BIM and AI Work In Collaboration?

Building Information Modeling is a digitized information model in a shared digital space known as Common Data Environment. As the information is fluid and can vary, so, experienced BIM companies keep the information model updated constantly. Benefit of 4D BIM modeling is its time parameter which gives better visualization of the entire project lifecycle. The cost added 5D Modeling through Quantity Takeoff facilitates accurate cost and material cost-estimation. Integration of 4D scheduling and 5D Modeling cost estimation is the balance of spices for accurate building design solution.

Now the query is on the role of AI in BIM? Artificial intelligence is a machine language which works by reading and identifying patterns. By integration of AI similar patterns of machine language can be identified. Now the AI in BIM creates an environment from where as per the inference of the situation automated decision could be taken reducing human intervention. The AI assisted BIM helps in improvising model building process.

Experienced Construction companies are integrating 4D BIM with AI for a better support system for site managers.

Benefits of 4D BIM and AI

A Time saving environment

Commercial or Residential Construction project both requires effort. As a juggler you have to balance the preconstruction documentation, building designs, schedules, cost estimation, time management, resource allocation. A never ending struggle for construction managers in construction companies is always on. The pressure is to manage with accuracy and precision.

For site managers, 4D BIM with AI is great help. On introduction of 4D Building Information Modeling with Artificial Intelligence at job sites the 3D visualization and animation walkthrough takes the perspective to another level of perfection. With BIM techniques stakeholders from architects to designers to modeler to contractors, can visualize an entire project and experience construction progress in real time.

From collaboration, safety to execution, 4D BIM with AI simplifies construction projects operation, producing cost-effective results.

Streamlined Construction Sequencing & Project Execution

Large scale commercial construction projects like buildings of airports, transit systems, bridges, and tunnels includes wide range of tracking and reporting. This not only is time-consuming but also extremely tedious and has scope of mistakes.

4D BIM and artificial intelligence video monitoring provide sequential animation of construction activities on a job site and associate them with scheduled plans for tracking of resource and materials. The added artificial intelligence benefits by keeping a strict watch on the set parameters with frequent report at all stages with consistency. This not only reduces construction manager or site manger task simplified but adds a benefit to BIM in construction for better commercial construction solutions.

Coordination For Clash Detection

Mega commercial construction projects involve number of stakeholders. From architects, to designer to contractors to subcontractors to modelers to engineers every perspective needs to be understood and heard. Effective communication could not be overlooked as they can occur as a challenge at later stages of construction life cycle.

A transparency is embedded with 4D BIM and real-time Artificial Intelligence-based monitoring. With AI in Construction, stakeholders can keep track of update, minimizing conflict and clashes. Clash detection is vital with existence of inter-disciplinary activities to avoid cost or time project overrun. With early clash detection and coordination an alternate optimized schedule for construction can be proposed.

Better Risk Management at Job Sites

Construction and risk comes hand in hand. The experienced BIM companies know the art of supporting construction projects in a risk controlled environment. Best risk management policies can be facilitated to avoid accidents. With AI supported BIM location of heavy machinery, like cranes and trucks, can be better coordinated on the construction site. This real-time handling reduces on-job site risks by keeping constant eye on the activities happening on-site. As soon as an unfavorable situation occurs AI will generate alarm to the 4D Scheduling handler site manager.

AI real-time environment digitally records all construction site activities. It also records and eliminates the inconsistencies and breach of data.

BIM in Construction not only benefits the construction life cycle but also supports after with facility management. Even though risk cannot be controlled till zero but definitely BIM and AI together can make mega commercial projects a cake walk.

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