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The conversion from CAD to BIM has empowered MEP engineers and transformed the design practices in the AEC industry.  MEP design and engineering team undergo various challenges during the design process and the installation of MEP systems in coordination with the structural & the architectural elements.

Let’s have a look at the challenges and how BIM facilitates in addressing these challenges in an apt way for the MEP Coordination:

  • Allocating Space for MEP Systems:Generally, MEP engineers enhance 10% – 20% load calculation for covering any modifications occurring to the design during the later stages. Nevertheless, with MEP BIM, exact load calculations can be executed and equipment load management can be used.Engineers can claim the essential space for mechanical & electric rooms. This leads to smaller rooms for mechanical & electrical systems. The judicious use of space entails more profits for the building owners.


  • Spatial Coordination for MEP: In a construction ecosystem, the space over the ceiling is significant for MEP engineers and they claim every inch. Mechanical equipment occupies the most space, and hence the mechanical equipment gets installed first. While the mechanical engineers claim shaft space, other people can design around this.Implementing BIM technology helps in effective spatial coordination and collaboration, leading to clash-free design for the construction project.


  • MEP BIM Model Representation & Visualization:


  • Schematic Representation of the BIM Model- It is important to know that BIM for design is not the same as BIM for construction.Since construction projects can be often large and complicated, BIM models should be kept simple at an early stage. Every minute detail should not be modeled. Schematic documents from MEP engineers support the development of MEP systems along with their coordination.The documents reproduce how the engineers want the plumbing, air &power systems to be sized and distributed within a building.


  • Complete BIM Model – An aptly created BIM model at LOD 350 encompasses all information required for cross-trade coordination as well as for making construction layout. The models also comprise of details incorporated in the construction drawings. A full fabrication model rightly conveys clarity to the design & construction process.



  • Using MEP facts beyond the Design Phase: Various details are encompassed in an MEP BIM ecosystem, which may not be significant during construction.Nevertheless, the MEP data comes into picture during Operations &Maintenance and the facility management phases. If Building Information Modeling is not implemented and the project goes into the Facilities Management phase, it becomes hard to obtain relevant data and manage a facility competently. Implementing MEP BIM helps in clearing the chaos and envisaging design details as well as the MEP documents in a clear &concise way, thus gaining actionable insights.

Implementing MEP BIM at an early stage of the construction project helps in saving construction costs. MEP BIM helps to coordinate & save space, through MEP system visualization, prefabrication, and installation without on-site errors, reducing rework and translating into effective execution & cost benefits.

If you want to adopt BIM for MEP services, consult the BIM Modelers of Tejjy 202-465-4830 or The extensive involvement of the BIM Engineers for MEP BIM deliverables facilitates in building the most complex buildings across the world.

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COO - Tejjy: A BIM and Construction Consulting group in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area! A certified woman Minority.

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