BIM – An Amazing Tool for Integrating Construction Industry | Tejjy Inc.

BIM – An Amazing Tool for Integrating Construction Industry


Today, Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services areas the core of Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry that facilitate working with the designers and builders. The onset of BIM technology has significantly transformed the method of design development of a building project. Several architectural, engineering and construction(AEC) firms also have switched to BIM from CAD. BIM Services for Architects are more beneficial than hand sketches and 2D CAD Drawings.

BIM Facilitates Designers & Builders Deliver Projects on Schedule

BIM has facilitated both the designers and the builders to create a digital database in 3D space for a construction project. Even if Computer Aided Design helps the users in developing 3D BIM Model, it doesn’t include design related building information. The flawless coordinated BIM Model enables smooth workflow, ultimately reducing the efforts of the fabricators as well as the construction cost.As a result of which, the contractors are able to save time and can deliver the project on schedule time.

Why to Choose Digital BIM in Construction?

·         BIM Clash Resolution at the Pre-Construction Stage–The coordinated 3D BIM Model leads to improved building quality. Through BIM clash resolution, you can reduce the quantity of rework and make efficient time usage. Implementing BIM gives you the chance of designing a building directly before the onset of construction activities. This helps you maintain a strategic distance from the revisions made at the last moment addressing issues through easy reviewing and commenting.

  • Information Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere with BIM- Cloud applications are revolutionizing both the CAD and the BIM packages by including the key facets of the managing strain and execution in the cloud. This entails that the complex Building Information Models and other data can be accessed by any project stakeholder on devices at various locations any time, irrespective of whether the stakeholder is traveling, visiting associate in workplaces, or on-site.


  • Worthwhile for Making Marketing BIM Presentation–3D &4D BIM models can be utilized for making enlarged marketing representations to clients, bringing designs to life, and allowingeveryone to perceive how the finished project will appear. This is seamless for making visual presentations to proprietors, financial specialists and associates to review configuration changes or assess conflicts between frameworks in a bright 3D condition.
  • Cost Estimations using 5D BIM – Architectural, Engineering &Construction firms across the globe are understanding the benefits of 5D BIMthat help to make accurate estimates for estimators before the designing and planning stage, aiding in effective construction cost estimation, and provoking the growth of model-based cost evaluation. The 5D BIM tool helps to automate the tedious task of cost assessment and application, letting estimators to focus on higher worth components, like, distinguishing construction assemblies and risk calculation.
  • Efficient Scheduling & Sequencing with 4D BIM –4D Construction Phasing through BIM helps to save project time by reducing the hours of the project life-cycles and scheduling setbacks. BIM helps to produce permits design and documentation by accommodating new data about the site conditions. Construction schedules can also be executed efficiently, improving coordination and allowing the ongoing projects to be finished on-schedule.
  • BIM Enabled Prefabrication & Modular Construction – Building Information Modeling can also be utilized for creating construction drawings or databases for assembling purposes, considering the augmented use of construction and modular construction technology by the construction professionals. By designing, building and amassing off-site in a controlled domain through pre-fabrication and modularized engineering, one can reduce wastage, enhancing proficiency, and diminishing work and material expenditures.
  • Enhanced BIM Facility ManagementManaging building throughout the entire life-cycle becomes easier with Building Information Modeling. The data included in a 3D BIM model additionally empowers building operation once the construction gets completed, providing a good Return on Investment.Information can also be sent into an existing structure maintenance software for using during the post-construction stage.

So, BIM Services are utilized for architectural, structural and MEP model creation including all details. The 3D BIM models represent the information about the designs, construction, operations and scheduling to the construction professionals on the project. The information embedded in the BIM Model helps to organize the on-site construction efficiently. You can optimize BIM Services to inspect the design and removed sign complications by resolving clashes digitally.

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